Corporate Reputation Management Quality Rating “Reputation ACTIVISTS”

The Information Age reveals new challenges for companies of all industries and business models. One of the primary ones is the need to learn how to maintain and strengthen one's competitiveness in a reputational economy. But despite the declarative recognition of the importance of reputation for business development, not all companies implement this principle.

Corporate reputation management quality rating “Reputation ACTIVists” is a way to celebrate the achievements of companies (both domestic and Ukrainian divisions of international corporations) that have achieved significant results in the market

And to become an incentive for those who are just beginning to realize the importance of reputational assets and master the methodology and tools for building them up.

Rating Methodology

Reputational stability

The “live” PR service, the systematic nature of PR work, an objective basis for the formation of a favourable reputation (quality business product, quality management, bright and competent speakers, etc.), a positive reaction of target audiences to the company's PR activity, other positive effect company's reputation management efforts.

Media activity

Openness to communication with representatives of the mass media of all types, the quality of disseminated information messages, the recognition of authorized speakers of the company by target audiences, the positive effect of the applied media efforts.

Anti-crisis stability

The company has an anti-crisis response strategy, the accuracy of the used tools, its successful application, and a positive reaction of target audiences to such an application, a positive effect of the efforts made.

CSR Image capital

Continuous actions to inform the public about CSR projects implemented by the company, the real usefulness of CSR activities for society, the actual degree of social responsibility of the company in relation to staff, business partners, consumers; positive perception by the target audience of the company's activities in the field of CSR and other positive effects of the efforts made in this area.

Innovative approach

Authority of the company's PR team among target audiences, own unique PR solutions, activity in new media, positive reaction of target audiences to PR creative, positive effect from implemented innovations.



Reputational stability

Media activity

Innovative approach

Image capital CSR

Anti-crisis stability


Diversified business groups


Agricultural sector

fuel and energy complex

mechanical engineering







Construction and development

Transport and logistic

Pharmacy and medicine

Auto retailers

Organising Committee

The Project Team is a group of PR Service Agency employees led by Olena Derevianko